RWTH Science Night 2023

Posted on 2023/11/10

GIM members Sjaak van Meulebrouck, Andrea Balza, Nino Menzel, Marc Boxberg and Florian Wagner (from left to right).

Every year RWTH conducts its famous science night to illustrate the broad and exciting research fields of the university to the general public. This year there was a particular focus on the topics of energy, artificial intelligence, and math, presented in lectures and exhibitions. These and many more topics were all made tangible and accessible in the form of talks, experiments, and exhibitions.

GIM contributed an exhibition on geophysical imaging particularly illustrating the widely applied seismic method. Attendees could generate and inspect seismic traces in realtime and were challenged to reproduce given traces by varying the material the wave travels through as well as the source signal originating from different falling weights. This was supplemented by an interactive presentation and lots of interesting discussions.

See you next year!

More information on the RWTH science night can be found here.

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