How to find us

We are located in the top floor of the mining building of RWTH Aachen University. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Arrival by train

There are two train stations close to the Bergbaugebäude - Aachen Hauptbahnhof and Aachen West. While Aachen West only serves as station for regional trains (RE12, RE4), Aachen Hauptbahnhof additionally accesses international railway systems:

  • THALYS: Cologne, Paris

  • ICE: Frankfurt a.M., Liège, Brussels

  • RE1, RE9: Cologne, Siegen, Hamm

  • RE4: Düsseldorf, Dortmund

  • RE18: Heerlen, Maastricht

Arrival by car

Aachen is connected to multiple highways:

  • E314: Antwerpen-Hasselt-Heerlen-Aachen

  • E40: (London)-Brussels-Liège-Aachen

  • A4: Olpe-Cologne-Aachen

  • A44: Düsseldorf-Neuss-Aachen

Arrival by plane

Due to the proximity to Belgium and the Netherlands, four airports can be reached in 1-1.5 hours:



Univ.-Prof. Dr. sc. Florian M. Wagner
Geophysical Imaging and Monitoring
RWTH Aachen University
Wüllnerstr. 2
52062 Aachen
+49 241 / 80 98270
+49 241 / 80 92201

Office hours

Room 505c
Mon., Wed. & Thu.: 09.00 - 14.30