Faculty teaching award 2020 for Florian Wagner

Posted on 2021/01/27

Florian Wagner was awarded with the Teaching Prize 2020 of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering at the faculty board meeting on January 20th, 2021, by the Dean of Studies Prof. Schwarzbauer. Florian Wagner has been nominated by the student council for Earth sciences and Resource Management for the development and digital realization of a new M.Sc. course on the theory and application of geophysical imaging methods. Particularly praised were the professional lecture videos accompanied by interactive programming exercises based on Jupyter notebooks.

Florian Wagner gratefully acknowledges:

  • the student council for the nomination and all students for the active participation during these special times
  • the GGE administrative office, i.e. Sandra Krause, Lukas Cremer, and Natalie Jansen, as well as assistant professor Dr. Norbert Klitzsch for their support with regard to all administrative issues, which facilitated the intensive lecture preparation in short time
  • Lothar Ahrensmeier and Johanna Ochs for their support in realizing a dedicated room for digital teaching
  • Johanna Klahold and Aaron Förderer for their help in supervising the Python exercises
  • Steffen Vogel of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems for his dedication in the implementation of a university wide JupyterHub (https://jupyter.rwth-aachen.de) and the technical support with regard to its use for this course
  • Prof. Christoph Clauser and PD Dr. Gabriele Marquart for the transfer of a carefully managed institute including well prepared courses
  • Faculty 5, in particular the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography for the good cooperation since October 2019

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