Physics of the Earth

  • B.Sc. Applied Geosciences
  • Prof. Dr. Florian M. Wagner
    Dr. Marc Boxberg

This course is given in our B.Sc. programs in German. It presents an introduction into global geophysical fields and processes including their relevance for modern geoscientific applications. It forms the basis for courses on the theory of applied geophysical methods and their application in the field.

Course content

  • Introduction into general and applied geophysics
  • Structure and age of the Earth
  • Gravitational field of the Earth and tides
  • Geodynamo and the Earth’s magnetic field
  • Rock magnetism and paleomagnetism
  • Seismology
  • Thermal regime of the Earth

Literature recommendations

  • Clauser, C. (2023): Einführung in die Geophysik – Globale physikalische Felder und Prozesse in der Erde. Springer Berlin. ISBN 978-3-662-66163-5
  • Lowrie, W., & Fichtner, A. (2020): Fundamentals of Geophysics. Cambridge University Press.