Innovative geophysical methods in mining projects

  • M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Supply / M.Sc. Mineral Resources Engineering
  • Dr. Marc S. Boxberg

This course is given in German and emphasizes the benefits and limitations of applied geophysical imaging and monitoring methods in the context of mining related activities.

Course content

This course presents the most widely used methods of applied geophysics and their applications, with emphasis on mining projects. For each method and for specific combinations of methods, the advantages and limitations for prospecting various raw materials are discussed. Methods covered include seismic reflection and refraction, geoelectric, gravimetric, magnetic, and electromagnetic. In addition, the economic benefits of geophysical exploration are addressed.

Learning goals

In the course, students will learn about the most common geophysical methods and how they can be applied to specific questions related to exploration and mining. They should be able to define such questions for exploration experts and perform a very basic cost-benefit analysis.

Literature recommendations